Tweaks—Play-by-Post & Blurring the GM-Player Line

My first Cortex Prime build was a hard-boiled/noir novel emulator, with a short but satisfying test run—also, my first-ever play-by-post (PbP)—but after the initial enthusiasm, the game lost momentum, and eventually entered an indefinite hiatus. Since then, all my PbP experiences have been similar: initial enthusiasm, satisfying run, loss of momentum, and indefinite hiatus. So…

Monkeying Monday–Emergent Gameplay (NPC Edition)

A go-to game design move leverages PC-to-PC backstory for “emergent gameplay,” but there’s a possible alternative based on PC-to-NPC relations that may complement it or suit some players better.

Fate/Apocalypse–Moves & Stunts

Apocalypse World’s mechanics are close enough to Fate’s to mine them for gameplay, assuming a translation between the two systems; this post provides one.