Wonky Wednesday–Mechanics or Roleplay?

In the inaugural post of this new series, I discuss narrative support and cognitive organization, with examples from Fate RPG and Cortex Prime. The ideas are half-baked, but I got this. Probably.

Peter’s Principle*–Overcome Anything

Overcome actions are one of four in Fate RPG, but they’re more subtle than they look and pop up in other TTRPGs in ways that are subtly different, and this post goes through a few.

Theory Thursday–Success or Failure? Yes

Cortex Prime changes the very concepts of success and failure, there’s a cognitive science theory that can prove it, and a few visuals are all that’s needed to show how.

Bronze Rulz!–Bronze-Plated Crafting, Cortex Style

After trying to hack Fate for crafting and nearly breaking it, I re-evaluated my expectations, and jumped off the Fate hacking ship onto the Cortex lifeboat, with a sketch of a crafting mod, that won’t break anything (hopefully).

Fiddling Friday–Fate Dice, Less (Often)

This post offers guidelines to to get a lot out of the Skill pyramid, the Adjective Ladder, and Fate points, without breaking too much the narrative flow with pesky dice rolls—and call them “Dice-less Rules” because why not. But it’s not a hack. Promise.