Cortex/Apocalypse–Cortex Got Moves

TL;DR: This post turns Apocalypse World’s moves into a Cortex Prime gameplay trick to make dice-rolling even more narrative, and if you don’t care for the reasons, you can jump right to it. Apocalypse World (AW) and Cortex Prime (CP) share more similarities than meet the naked eye. It’s a leitmotiv of this blog. I…

Peter’s Principle*–Overcome Anything

Overcome actions are one of four in Fate RPG, but they’re more subtle than they look and pop up in other TTRPGs in ways that are subtly different, and this post goes through a few.

Theory Thursday–Success or Failure? Yes

Cortex Prime changes the very concepts of success and failure, there’s a cognitive science theory that can prove it, and a few visuals are all that’s needed to show how.

Monkeying Monday–Emergent Gameplay (NPC Edition)

A go-to game design move leverages PC-to-PC backstory for “emergent gameplay,” but there’s a possible alternative based on PC-to-NPC relations that may complement it or suit some players better.

Apocalypse/Cortex–A Conversation

This post explores how Apocalypse World and Cortex disrupt the old “let’s just role-play this!” attitude slightly differently, and how to use these differences to enrich roleplay.

Fate/Apocalypse–Moves & Stunts

Apocalypse World’s mechanics are close enough to Fate’s to mine them for gameplay, assuming a translation between the two systems; this post provides one.