Tweaks—Play-by-Post & Blurring the GM-Player Line

My first Cortex Prime build was a hard-boiled/noir novel emulator, with a short but satisfying test run—also, my first-ever play-by-post (PbP)—but after the initial enthusiasm, the game lost momentum, and eventually entered an indefinite hiatus. Since then, all my PbP experiences have been similar: initial enthusiasm, satisfying run, loss of momentum, and indefinite hiatus. So…

Z*ro F*cks Fr*day–A Troll’s Tale

TL;DR: This is not a revenge post. Only arguments, nothing personal, save maybe this “sign of adoration of stupidity”—if you don’t get it, that’s okay, it’s food for troll. Surviving leukemia taught me that immediate reactions are a waste of perfectly good neurotransmitters. So I try not to engage online folks with strong opinions and…

Theory Thursday–Success or Failure? Yes

Cortex Prime changes the very concepts of success and failure, there’s a cognitive science theory that can prove it, and a few visuals are all that’s needed to show how.

Apocalypse/Cortex–A Conversation

This post explores how Apocalypse World and Cortex disrupt the old “let’s just role-play this!” attitude slightly differently, and how to use these differences to enrich roleplay.

Bronze Rulz!–…For Non-Actors

The Bronze Rule has sisters from other mothers and I took some inspiration from one of them to solve an issue I had with “agency.”