Cortex/Apocalypse–Cortex Got Moves

TL;DR: This post turns Apocalypse World’s moves into a Cortex Prime gameplay trick to make dice-rolling even more narrative, and if you don’t care for the reasons, you can jump right to it. Apocalypse World (AW) and Cortex Prime (CP) share more similarities than meet the naked eye. It’s a leitmotiv of this blog. I…

Cortex-U–Threats 101: A Practical Introduction

Apocalypse World’s Threat and Cortex Prime GMCs have a lot in common, and there are benefits to getting them even closer, which this lesson spells out, inaugurating Cortex U’s GM track.

Wonky Wednesday–Mechanics or Roleplay?

In the inaugural post of this new series, I discuss narrative support and cognitive organization, with examples from Fate RPG and Cortex Prime. The ideas are half-baked, but I got this. Probably.

Theory Thursday–Fair Games

A relatively benign communication problem in a virtual TTRPG game sent me down memory lane and into the pits of the Theory of Fairness, and I saw no good reason to spare you that.